Why only MAC?

Right now, I only review and swatch MAC products on this site. There are a few reasons behind this:

1) I grew up in a MAC only household! Aside from a few products here and there, MAC was the go-to makeup brand between my siblings and I.

2) I’ve used MAC for over 10 years consistently, so I am very comfortable using their products.  It’s rare that I’m disappointed with the quality and performance of MAC.  After 10+ years, I trust their products and the company.  I’m satisfied knowing that my money isn’t being thrown away with MAC.

3) I simply don’t have access to other beloved brands that are popular amongst my fellow people of colour (Covergirl, Iman, etc).  Hence why my siblings and I started using MAC in the first place.

4) MAC is the only brand in a “reasonable” price range that comes out with new products consistently (almost annoyingly so).

5) Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some NARS & MUFE, but after so many years of purchasing MAC, many of the shades that I like from other brands, I already have something similar from MAC, so I don’t purchase them.

6) Most of the beauty blogs I’ve found review all types of brands.  I love the variety, but I wanted to do something a bit different and try to carve out a niche for this blog.  So, I’m sticking to one brand that I’m sure a lot of  other brown girls and guys know, trust, and love just like I do.


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