FYI – Disclaimer


ALL of the views, opinions, and perspectives expressed on all of the products featured on this site are solely my own.  100% of the content on Brown Girl Friendly is written, reviewed, edited, and published by me.  I am not a licensed beauty, aesthetician, or skincare professional in any capacity, and am therefore not responsible for the outcome of any of the information provided here being used or taken out of context.

Occasionally, for the sake of diversity, I may decide to invite guest writers to share their product-related opinions on this blog.  If this is ever the case, it will be clearly stated that the views expressed belong solely to said guest writer, and do not represent me, Brown Girl Friendly, or any affiliated corporation, business, or organization.

Again, all content is reviewed and edited prior to being published to ensure its quality and appropriateness for this blog.


I am not compensated for any product reviews or features on this site.  All opinions of the products featured on Brown Girl Friendly are fully honest, and completely my own.  As this is my personal blog, I only represent myself.

Unless otherwise noted, all products reviewed or swatched on this site have either been purchased by me or provided to me without obligation and are a part of my personal (ever-growing!) makeup collection.


All non-corporate photography and graphic imagery is taken and created by me, respectively, for the sole purpose of use on this blog, Brown Girl Friendly.  All non-corporate images are my intellectual property, and are NOT to be used under any circumstances anywhere else without my written permission being given first.

Disclosures made on this page can and will be updated at any time as deemed necessary by me.


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