MAC By Request Collection: Swatches & Voting!

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MAC By Request (I guessed on the names!)

Well, folks, MAC finally opened up Facebook voting today for their voter-controlled, online-only, blasts-from-the-past collection called MAC By Request!  There are a total of 18 lipsticks/lipglasses/eyeshadows that have previosuly been released in the past between 1999-2011 that we now get to request back.  Feel free to place one vote per category everyday until March 30 for the shades you want to see come back in a special collection this August/Fall (International).  The top 3 lipsticks/lipglasses/eye shadows will make up the collection, so get out and vote vote vote! I have to say, I’m disappointed at the PALE choices for lipglasses.  Also, the eyeshadows are kind of boring, as well. Now, the lipsticks have a nice little range.  Check out Rocker in the swatches!  It’s gawjuss!  But really, over a TWELVE year span of, oh let’s say 100 collections, I find it hard to believe thesewere the products chosen!  Snooze. These 3 product photos are from MAC’s twitter account.


L to R: Candy Yum Yum, Moxie, Rocker, Shitaki, Eden Rocks, 3N

3N | N Collection | January 2008 | Milky pastel pink Candy Yum Yum | Quite Cute | April 2011 | Neon pink | Matte Eden Rocks | Eden Rocks | May 2001 | Mid-tone pink-lavender with high frost Moxie | Retro Matte Lipsticks | September 1999 | Vivid magenta pink | Matte Rocker | Time Rocker | Fall 1999 | Deep red-burgundy matte enriched with sparkling glitter Shitaki | Cuisine | March 2001 | Muted taupe brown with golden shimmer | Glaze


L to R: Cult of Cherry, Bait, 2N, Icescape, Emancipation, Flash of Flesh<--- I'm totally guessing on the order of these!

2N | N Collection | January 2008 | Creamy neutral yellow pink Bait | Lure/BaitHooked | June 2006 | Iris-Pink with gold pearl | Glitter Cult of Cherry | Cult of Cherry | September 2008 | Clean red with red pearl | Frost Emancipation | Wonder Woman | February 2011 | Pale neutral pink Flash of Flesh | M•A•C D’Bohemia | May 2005 | Tender nude-pink with pearl Icescape | Love Lace | December 2009 | Sheer pale pink with pink pearl


Column 1: Solar White, Guacamole, Jeté; Column 2: Cool Heat, Heavenly Bliss, Moth Brown

Cool Heat | Cool Heat | June 2008 | Frosty teal with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments | Frost Guacamole | Salsabelle | May 2005 | Medium grass green with shimmer | Frost Heavenly Bliss | Eden Rocks | May 2001 | Mid-tone frosted champagne taupe | Frost Jeté | Danse | January 2006 | Sandy coral | Veluxe Pearl Moth Brown | Madame B. | March 2005 | Soft metallic grey-brown | Frost Solar White| Cool Heat | June 2008 | Frosty muted white-gold | Frost I really must love you (yes, you reading this right now) because it took HOURS to find and compile all these swatches.  Be a darling and credit me if you share these pics. Click below for swatches of all of these products (minus one!):

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Chen Man: Behind the Lens

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I love seeing behind the scenes footage of photographers, artists, and models at work.  It’s so cool and magical to see how the inner workings of a shoot, people running around, hiccups on the set, etc. can produce an image that’s looks so effortless and beautiful.

Here’s Chen Man talking about what inspired her Love & Water collaboration with MAC:

I absolutely love the way she shoots women and makes them look like these colourful, ornate, other-wordly creatures. I put together a gallery of my fave images from her after the jump:

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Rant: Lead in my Lipstick?!

February 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

So, I heard about this lead and lipstick controversy a few days ago on the news.  The story was playing in the background, so I was only partially paying attention until they started naming very well known brands.  According to a survey by the FDA, many of our beloved, trusted, can’t live without it brands have certain amounts of lead in their lipsticks.  I mean… wow.

(Side: It would always weird me out when I’d see a film of “stuff” floating in my tea after I took a sip with lipstick or gloss on.  Lately, I’ve been completely wiping off my lips before I eat or drink anything, so now this lead thing has me even more paranoid.)

How could this be? Lead? In lipstick?? I was appalled when the reporter stated the FDA claimed that there are “suitable” amounts of lead allowed in lipstick since it’s not being consumed.  Uh…….. come again?? We consume and absorb this stuff ALL! DAY! LONG!  What about when we sip from a bottle or a cup?  When we bite into our food? Lick off that little bit of frosting from that cinnamon bun we didn’t just inhale?  If we supposedly don’t consume (or absorb) the product, where does the lipstick we put on disappear to during the day?  It certainly doesn’t evaporate….

I love this lip colour on her, though! (Source: Getty Images)

Here’s what gets me:  All of this lead/chemical/paraben/hexobutylenewhatsitcalled exposure adds up so quickly!  We reapply our products all day long.  We wear them every day.  We slather it on our bodies.  We paint it on our nails.  We massage it into our faces.  We spritz it on our necks.  We line it around our eyeballs.  We put it in our hair (okay, not me, but some of us! where my naturals at?)  Clearly, lipstick isn’t the only source of junk we’re exposed to in a regular day.   Even if it’s a minute amount of lead in each product, how many of these “lead-safe” products do we poison ourselves with use in a day?  Since it all accumulates, any trace of lead in anything is too much, as far as I’m concerned.  And this is JUST lipstick.  What about gloss?  Lip balm? Lip liners??  Le sigh.  Why do we have to potentially sacrifice our health just to look fly?  For a multi-billion dollar industry, these companies have a responsibility to its consumers to do better.  Period.

So, whose leadsticks made the list of shame? Everybody’s!  All your fave brands, from well-known to obscure, are on this here little hit list, and of course, so is MAC.  Such a huge disappointment, yes, but are we surprised by this list? No. (I mean, real talk, have you read any MAC ingredients lists lately? Yowzas.)

Anyway, I weeded out all 42 (!!!) of the MAC atrocities from the FDA’s Leadgate 2012 list after the jump. Smh.

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Welcome to Brown Girl Friendly!!

So, once upon a time, I was tired of having to look ALL over the internet for a picture of a brown skinned girl in that new MAC lipstick or eyeshadow that just came out.  Yes, there were *so* many great blogs online with a ton of swatches, but not one of them could show me what the products would actually look like on my skin tone.  It was extremely difficult for me to find a blog with brown-skinned girls just like me giving consistent updates and thorough reviews on the cosmetics line that I use, MAC.

Funny enough, it was only after I started this blog did I start getting introduced to a network of beauty blogs for black women.  Had I found these blogs beforehand, I probably never would have made my own blog.  But, what’s done is done, and I’m here to stay and give my own 2 cents on the matter! lol

I’m pretty new to blogging, so bear with me!  My goal with Brown Girl Friendly is to have this blog become a swatch & review database for women of colour.  In the meantime, I’m going to try my best to make this blog as fantastic as I always dreamed something like this should be!  I hope you’ll join me on my mission! :)

Love & Light!

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