About Brown Girl Friendly

So, once upon a time, I was tired of having to look ALL over the internet for a picture of a brown skinned girl in that new MAC lipstick or eyeshadow that just came out.  Yes, there were *so* many great blogs online with a ton of swatches, but not one of them could show me what the products would actually look like on my skin tone.  It was extremely difficult for me to find a blog with brown-skinned girls just like me giving consistent updates and thorough reviews on the cosmetics line that I use, MAC.

Funny enough, it was only after I started this blog did I start getting introduced to a network of beauty blogs for black women.  Had I found these blogs beforehand, I probably never would have made my own blog.  But, what’s done is done, and I’m here to stay and give my own 2 cents on the matter! lol

I’m pretty new to blogging, so bear with me!  My goal with Brown Girl Friendly is to have this blog become a swatch & review database for women of colour.  In the meantime, I’m going to try my best to make this blog as fantastic as I always dreamed something like this should be!  I hope you’ll join me on my mission! :)

Love & Light!


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