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May 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

MAC Fashion Sets Nail Lacquers

Girl About Town, Rebel, Russian Red: the must-have lip shades for M∙A∙C fans from New York to LA to Toronto


Release Date: May 3, 2012 / May 2012 (International)
Available at MAC Cosmetics

I can’t wait for MAC to step it up and release some sexy, trendy nail polishes!  All of these creams they insist on releasing are boooooring!  (Can’t we just get one neon?? Just one?  A little bit of glitter?)  None of them stand out enough in the formula, colors, or technology when compared to other lacquers that are a fraction of the price.  Hmph…  Anyway, none of these lacquers from the Fashion Sets streaked for me, and all were opaque and super glossy in 2 coats, if not 1.

MAC Russian Red Nail Lacquer

Russian Red | Midtonal Neutral Red | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

Neutral.  Red.  Cream.  Polish. *blink* I just want to scream, “C’mon MAC!!! TRY HARDER!” Sigh.  There’s nothing wrong with this polish at all… it’s… just… a basic ol’ red… like every other basic red MAC has already released! Complete skip!  Nothing to see here, folks…

MAC Snob Nail Lacquer

Snob | Light Neutral Pink | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

Soft, neutral pink.  This had much more colour to it than I expected.  I thought it’d be more pale and delicate, but it’s quite vivid.  It’s a cute shade and is a good one to check out if you don’t have anything like it, but chances are that if you are a polish-holic like me, you own several… and they’re all by OPI. O_O

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

Spice | Midtonal Neutral Nude | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I’d describe this is a neutral, dusty rosey-beige; translation: *yawn* On me, I found this shade very safe, and almost matronly.  I absolutely love the lipstick and the gloss, but this lacquer just didn’t do it for me.  I’m totally biased because I like bright polish, but this colour is what I think of when I imagine “old-lady” polish.

MAC Rebel Nail Lacquer

Rebel | Midtonal Cream Plum | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I love Rebel lipstick, and this lacquer didn’t disappoint.  It’s a deep, sultry currant shade.  Just like Chestnut, this is perfect for fall, but for summer? Not my cup of tea.  It looked great, though!

MAC Girl About Town Nail Lacquer

Girl About Town | Bright Blue Fuchsia | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I wish this was a little brighter and had more punch to it.  It’s a lovely shade, but I just wanted that extra umph from it to differentiate it from every other bright blue pink polish out there.  It’s very true to the lipstick, but you likely have something exactly like it in your collection.

**Sorry, my closeup pic of Myth didn’t turn out, and I don’t have this polish anymore.**

| Myth | Light Neutral Nude | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I didn’t think I’d like this polish, but it ended up being my fave out of the 7!  It’s a beautiful neutral, light cream color.  I love that it’s not too cold and not too warm.  It’s soft, pretty, classic, and appropriate for any occasion from work to weddings to weekends.  (It looks much darker in the swatch than it is in real life)

MAC Chestnut Nail Lacquer

Chestnut | Rich Chocolate Brown | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I’d call this a deep dark neutral brown.  It’s not red or blue… just riiiight in the middle.  Personally, I think dark colors look drab against my brown skin, and Chestnut proved my point.  It’d be a nice backdrop to layer something else on top, but on it’s own, it didn’t do it for me at all.  And since when is dark brown a summertime nail shade?? What am I missing?

* I loved the concept behind the fashion sets, but besides Myth, nothing here wowed me.

* Price *blink blink*

I think many of these shades are Brown Girl Friendly since they’ll flatter a wide range of skintones.   I just didn’t find anything exceptional about these to warrant the price.  It’ll be a cute look to match your nails to your lips…. for like 2 days.  If you’re like me, it’ll get old real quick.

Available at MAC Cosmetics

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