TOO SUPREME: Sheen Supreme Lipglass Review, Swatches, Photos

March 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Too Supreme: Sheen Supreme Lipglass

We love East Asia chic.  We celebrate century-old Asian customs and traditions with the introduction of Sheen Supreme Lipglass.  Smooth, lush, pearl-rich and so luxuriously high-comfort, it verges on the sensuous.  Slick, clickable pen-style applicator with a super soft brush that redefines shine in one stroke.


Release Date: March 1, 2012* / March & April 2012 (International)
Available at MAC Cosmetics

| Sheen Supreme Lipglasses | Frost | $19 US, $22.50 CAD | Limited Edition | 2.5mL

These Sheen Supreme lipglasses are as glossy as they come!  They have a thin formula and mirror-like finish that fills in lines and reflects light, giving the illusion of perfectly plump lips.  Though the red and pink shades slightly stained my lips, the super-shine only lasted about 1.5 hours before I had to reply.

Too Supreme: Sheen Supreme Lipglass

These lipglasses dried down to a slightly sticky finish, but really, it was only as sticky as a regular lipglass is when you first put those on. No complaints there.

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Applicator

Loved the applicator and the packaging! The brush is semi-firm, but not stiff, and quite precise and the click-applicator keeps your gloss sanitary.  I clicked 30 times to get the product flowing because it didn’t seem like anything was happening.  Big mistake.  It started to ooze out and just! kept! going! It seemed like it would never end!  That’s a great way to waste product 🙂  10-15 clicks max when you first use it to get the product to surface. It’s a click-and-wait game.  Emphasis on “wait.” Play it wisely!

| Mango Sheen | Bright Coral with Pearl
Love this name.  It’s a vivid red-orange with great colour pay off.  Not quite  the light orange mango shade I expected, but who’s complaining?

| Imperial Red | Bright Rose with Pearl
Yowzas! LOVE THIS. Don’t be fooled by the “Red” in the name.  This baby is bright pink all the way with a golden sheen.  It’s beautiful and pigmented!  A must-have for anyone!

| Cherry Fest | Rose with High-level Pearl
Well, this one was shockingly pale on me for something called Cherry Fest.  I  could barely tell that it was rose.  On me, it looked beige with a soft hint of pink.

| Black Tea | Deep Brown with Pearl
Considering that it’s Spring, I was surprised to see a brown in this launch.  And a nice, rich brown, at that.  It’s dark, but the sheerness makes it very wearable, especially if you are dark & lovely like moi.

| Dress Kimono | Mid-tone Frosted Plum
This is a soft version of Imperial Red. It was more pink than plum on me.  It’s a delicate, pretty shade of warm rose that, again, any skin tone can pull off.

| Asian Butterfly | Lilac with Pearl
Light frosty lilac, indeed.  It’s definitely a cute, wearable shade, but wearing it on it’s own, I wasn’t blown away.  Because my lips are dark, I wanted a little bit more “oomph” out of this one.  It’d be gorgeous over a purple or pink lipstick, though!

| Sweet Bean | Cool Beige with Pearl
I’m not sure which part of this is “cool beige.”  It looks like dark reddish brown sparkles to me.  Judge for yourself in the swatches. It reminds me of cinnamon heart candies.  Anyway, it’s cool to look at, but I wasn’t impressed with this shade.  It’s frosty, and barely pigmented. Pass!

| Jasmine Honey | Light Cream Beige
Sigh, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this!  Jasmine Honey is pale, frosty, creamy, and…pale… I thought it’d be more golden.  On my complexion, this was definitely the big loser of the bunch.  This is a nicer version of C-Thru lipglass. It’s a LOT more flattering on fair skin tones.

| Almond Blossom | Pale Pink with High-level Pearl
This one reminds me of Hush, Hush tendertone with it’s golden pearl.  Again, no “pale pink” here!  On me, it’s a light, champagne gold, all the way.  It would be nice overtop of something, but on it’s own it’s quite sheer, which I actually don’t mind.  It’s simple.  It’s like a gold, sparkly alternative for Vaseline-wearers (you know yourselves!) 🙂

| Fuji Pink | Pale Peach with Slight Pearl
Pale peach?  Not quite.  Soft pale pink?  Yes.  Because it’s so light, it shows where it’s settled into lip lines.  As adverse to pale shades like this as I am, I actually think this would be nice to soften up bright pink lipsticks.

| Moon Beach | Warm Light Beige with Pearl
I like that this is medium-toned beige, but not it’s not pale like some of the others lipglasses.  It’s warm, but since the colour is close to my natural lip colour, it was barely noticeable on my lips, which was a disappointment.  I wouldn’t wear this one alone.

* The applicator is firm and precise without feeling stiff
* Sanitary nature of a click-style pen was a nice change
* The red and pink shades were surprisingly pigmented

* When I first used it, I had to click quite a bit to get the product out (I clicked 30 times, which was too much.  I suggest 10-15, and wait for the product to surface before clicking more)
* Over-clicking causes the gloss to keep oozing out even after you’ve used it, which can get messy.  So, 1-2 clicks is good! Just be patient and wait for the gloss to come out
Must wait for the product to come out after clicking, which is annoying
* ONLY 2.5mL of product!! That’s half the size of the regular lipglass

I love the thinner consistency and how ridiculously glossy these are.  Imperial Red, Mango Sheen, Black Tea, and Dress Kimono were the stand out, Brown Girl Friendly colours for me.  The lighter shades came up too frosty or too sheer on my unlined, bare lips. However, I’m sure they’d be great over lipstick.  I wish there was more product in these lipglasses and that they lasted a teeny bit longer on the lips without MAC thickening up the formula (A girl can dream, can’t she?).

Available at MAC Cosmetics

Mango Sheen Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Imperial Red Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Cherry Fest Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Black Tea Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Dress Kimono Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Asian Butterfly Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Sweet Bean Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Jasmine Honey Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Almond Blossom Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Fuji Pink Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Moon Beach Sheen Supreme Lipglass

So, which one is your fave? Are you planning on checking them out?  Dish in the comments!


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§ 2 Responses to TOO SUPREME: Sheen Supreme Lipglass Review, Swatches, Photos

  • KT says:

    I went to the Mac counter today, and tried on Viva Glam Nicki… yeah. I was a disaster! First of all, I needed to exfoliate. Didn’t know that before. Anyway, the MUA helped me out and applied Asian Butterfly over, plus Magenta liner. Definite improvement. So pretty together.. but I just can’t find a way to justify buying Asian Butterfly… or Nicki, if I can’t find a cheaper lipgloss.

    • Hey KT!

      That sounds like a lot of work for one little lipstick lol If you try Nicki again, maybe don’t apply as much, and dab it on. This way it’s a lot softer and more sheer. Or try it out w/ different liners like I did here

      I tried it w/ MAC’s Beet liner the other day and I loved it 🙂

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