CHEN MAN: Mineralize Eye Shadow Review, Swatches, Photos

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Chen Man Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos

Two shades of Mineralize Eye Shadow – a mélange and a solid – form the traditional Yin-Yang symbol. The Chinese character for love is depicted in Chen Man’s calligraphy on the outer sleeve. 


Release Date: March 1, 2012* / March 2012 (International)
Available at MAC Cosmetics

Chen Man Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo Packaging Sleeve

| Supersweet | Bronze, Pink, Gold Mélange & Golden Pink | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 3g

Mélange: Light, champagne gold with soft hints of light pink. It’s a soft, more neutral shade that should be easy for many skin tones to wear.  All That Glitters and Gleam are both more golden.

Solid: Sprakly, light pink with gold undertones. Pretty golden-pink shade, but I expected this to be much more pink than it actually was.  Also, the texture of this was very flaky like crushed metal pigments. No likey.  On my skin, Pink Frontier pro longwear shadow is close, but a bit more pink.  Expensive Pink is much more golden.

| Pink Union | Taupe, Lavender, Brown Mélange & Dark Violet | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 3g

Mélange: Medium purple mixed with mauve. This is a very casual, warm shade that’s a nice alternative to a traditional, toned-down mauve. Nocturnelle is darker and more blue, while Creme de Violet is a deeper pink.

Solid: Deep warm, purple with blue undertones.  I really like the tone of this purple, but I found I needed to layer it on more than any of the other shadows for it to show up.  Satellite Dreams is similar but not as blue.

| Love Cycle | Light Blue, White, Dark Blue & Dark Royal Blue | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 3g

Mélange: Icy baby blue.  This is a pretty shade, but I wasn’t blown away by it.  It was more blue (and less silvery) than I expected, which was nice.  On my skin, the closest permanent dupe is the mélange half of Sea & Sky mineralize duo, which is very, very slightly less blue.  Moon’s Reflection is more blue.

Solid: Deep, vivid, saturated cobalt blue.  It’s so gorgeous and rich in colour!  I love this blue.  Deep Truth and Star By Night (Starflash Collection) are lighter and less pigmented, while Blue Sheen is darker blue and not as vivid.

* Beautifully smooth texture and easy to blend (except Supersweet)
* Somewhat unique product and packaging design

* The mélange half of Supersweet was flaky
* Pink Union not as pigmented as I’d hoped, especially for a mineralize shadow
* Both sides of Supersweet were far too similar on my skin and I would not wear both shades together

As usual with mélange mineralize shadows, the veining in them can really change the way the shade looks on you, so choose wisely!  These shades  are all lovely, but none of them is incredibly unique.  Even with the lack of pigmentation, I think Pink Union is the most wearable shadow, since both sides can easily be worn together for a complete eye look.  It will be flattering on most skin tones, whether you are more golden or dark brown, making it the most Brown Girl Friendly shadow out of the three.  I’m sure you could easily find similar shades to Supersweet in your collection.  It’s definitely a pretty eye shadow, but no rush there.  This would be a good option for NW40/NC42 skintones and below.  The solid blue half of Love Cycle is quite lovely if you like cobalt blues.  However, while the icy blue half looked nice, it wasn’t unusual in any way.

Available at MAC Cosmetics

Chen Man: Supersweet Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo

Chen Man: Supersweet Mineralize Eyeshadow

Top to Bottom: All That Glitters, Pink Frontier, Supersweet Duo

Chen Man: Pink Union Mineralize Eyeshadow

Chen Man: Pink Union Mineralize Eyeshadow

Top to Bottom: Creme de Violet, Satellite Dreams, Pink Unoin Duo

Chen Man: Love Cycle Mineralize Eyeshadow

Chen Man: Love Cycle Mineralize Eyeshadow

Top to Bottom: Sea & Sky, Deep Truth, Love Cycle Duo

What did you think of these shadows? Let me know in the comments!


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