CHEN MAN Love and Water Colour Story

February 16, 2012 § 2 Comments


Chen Man Love and Water (Source:

Chen Man Love and Water (Source:

Well, lookey lookey at what I found online today!  Promo pics from Chen Man!  If you don’t know anything about the 31 year old Chinese photographer, Chen Man, please, PLEASE google her stunning imagery!  She’s one of China’s most sought after fashion image creators.  Her work is unique and renowned for her photo-manipulation skills.


Release Date:  March 1, 2012* / March 2012 (International)

LIPSTICK | $14.50 US, $17.50  CAD | Limited Edition| 3g

| Force of Love | Vivid Honeysuckle Pink | Matte
| Budding Love | Pale Lavender |  Lustre

LIPGLASS | $14.50 US, $17.50  CAD | Limited Edition| 4.8g

| Force of Love | Vivid Honeysuckle Pink
| Budding Love | Pale Lavender

MINERALIZE EYE SHADOW DUO | $20 US, $24  CAD | Limited Edition| 2.2g

| Supersweet | Bronze, pink, gold mélange/Golden Pink
| Pink Union | Taupe, lavender, brown mélange/Dark Violet
Love Cycle | Light blue, white, dark blue mélange/Dark Royal Blue

PIGMENT | $20 US, $24  CAD | Permanent (MAC Pro, I think) | 4.5g

| Navy Blue | Deep Smokey Blue

GLITTER | $20 US, $24  CAD | Permanent (MAC Pro) | 4.5g

| Reflects Blue | Sparkling Blue

FLUIDLINE |  $15 US, $18  CAD | Permanent| 3g

| Blacktrack | Solid Flat Black
| Waveline | Navy blue With Low Level Gold Pearl

MASCARA  | $15 US, $18  CAD | Permanent | 9g

| Zoom Fast Black Lash | Intensely Rich Deep Carbon Black

BROW SET | $15 US, $18  CAD | Permanent | 8g

| Clear | Colour-free gel | Clear

BEAUTY POWDER | $23 US, $27.50  CAD | Limited Edition| 10g

| Play It Proper | Pastel Soft Pink With Sparkles | Pearl

MAC GLOSS | $19 US, $23 CAD | Permanent (MAC Pro) | 25mL

| Clear | Colour-free gloss | Clear

NAIL LACQUER | $15 US, $15  CAD | Limited Edition| 10mL

| Breezy Blue | Dark Blue
| Pinkly Fresh | Mid-tone Blue Pink

BRUSH | $19.50 US, $23.50  CAD | Permanent

| 208 Brush | Angled Brow Brush

What are you excited for?  I can’t wait for Reflects Teal glitterl! I’ve been wanting to get this glitter for years.  Pics after the jump!

Chen Man Love and Water Product Photos (Source:



§ 2 Responses to CHEN MAN Love and Water Colour Story

  • Dhari says:

    This collection is a total pass for me.. i was thinking about getting budding beauty but idk. the nail pollish…. again, i will not pay 15 dollars for a nail polish!! I shall be saving for the Mac Marcel Wanders 2 and the Tres Chic collection 🙂

    • lol It’s pretty much a pass for me too. I’ve been lusting after that glitter forever and it’s finally within my reach, so I’ll be snagging that. The pink lipstick looks pretty, though. But I feel like I’ve seen all of these products from MAC already!

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