Chen Man Collection is now available online!

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Chen Man Love and Water (Source:

Hello my Lovelies!

Chen Man Love and Water Collection is up for sale on the MAC website!  Run, don’t walk.  I guarantee Force of Love lipstick will be sold out immediately (if it’s not already gone), so hop to! If you missed out on Party Parrot lipstickfrom the Iris Apfel Collection, Force of Love is a close dupe and it’s a matte lipstick as well, so check it out!

Drop by a counter and see it all in person on March 1 or order it online at MAC Cosmetics.  The free shipping code is CHENMAN.

Swatches coming soon!


Making Faces: Shop MAC Cook MAC

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Shop MAC Cook MAC on models (source:

When I first saw the promo pic for Shop MAC Cook MAC, I was not a fan of the makeup at! all!  It was too loud, garish, and completely unrealistic for the everyday gal.  Especially the pink one.  Fast forward a month later, and the pink look is one of my fave looks hands down!

It’s so gawjuss on the model!  I much prefer the looks on the models than in the promo.  Clearly, this is a theatrical, over the top look, but it’s sooo fun and sooo pretty to do!

Here’s the promo version:

Shop MAC Cook MAC

Check out my version & what I used after the jump!

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Liner Love: Viva Glam Nicki Revisited

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MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick

Oh, Viva Glam Nicki.  Quite the ruckus you’ve caused since your release…. You’ve been debated like no other lipstick in my memory!  People love you, they hate you, they praise you, they loathe you… so much hype and drama for one little lippie!

I know this lipstick is for an amazing cause, but it’s such a difficult shade for brown girls to wear!  It also doesn’t help that Viva Glam Nicki looks very different from one pair of lips to the next.  It  seems to flatter a wider range of women of colour when it’s paired with a lip liner.  I’ve gotten a few requests to show it with some liners I own, so without further ado:

Opaque layer* of Viva Glam Nicki in natural and direct sunlight

*NOTE: Before you get the wrong idea, I wear this lipstick VERY sheer.  I only layered it on like this for this picture.

(I still hate how much I need to exfoliate to wear this lipstick!  It always makes my lips look crusty… hmph.)

Anyway, see how it looks paired up with More to Love, Currant, Embrace Me, Magenta, Cork, and Just Wonderful lip pencils:

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Swatch Watch: Bronzers Guerlain vs MAC

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Guerlain Terracotta #8 & MAC Sun Power

Happy Saturday! Today’s Swatch Watch compares 2 bronzing powders; one from Guerlain and the other from MAC.

Guerlain: Terracotta Bronzing Powder #8 | Ebony
MAC: Sun Power Mineralize Skin Finish | Deep Terracotta Bronze

White paper swatches:

Guerlain Terracotta #8 vs MAC Sun Power

Brown skin swatches after the jump:

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Mineralize Eye Shadows Single Mélange: Review, Swatches, & Pics

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Mineralize Eye Shadow Refresh (L to R): Smutty Green, Young Punk, Gilt By Association, Cinderfella, Blue Flame

Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage.



Release Date:  February 16, 2012 / February 2012 (International)
Frost | $20 US, $24 CAD | Permanent | 2.5 g


Most of you will remember these fab mineralize shadows from the unforgettable Style Black launch in 2009.  The only new, and very welcomed, addition is Smutty Green.  These all apply smoothly, they layer nicely, and of course are more intense when applied wet (with Fix +, for example).

| Smutty Green Cream/Warm Green/ Black Veining
Emerald green and bright silver sparkles in a smokey, black base.  I love this shadow! Humid eyeshadow is one of my absolute faves, so this one is right up my alley!   It was hard to photograph this shadow in the pot and on my skin.  It’s much more vibrant emerald in person.  Dark Indulgence (Semi-Precious Mineralize)  mineralize shadow is a very similar shade of green, but slightly less smokey and less sparkly. She Who Dares (Venemous Villains) is more sparkly because it has more silver sparkles, but it is not as smokey.

| Young Punk | Mineralize black with pinkish purple pearl 
Warm, rich purple-pink sparkles in a smokey, black base. This was the shadow that started my healthy obsession with sparkles.  It was beautiful then, and it’s beautiful now.  You’ll see the swatches, but the black base in this one seems to be a bit darker with more sparkles than my original Young Punk.

| Gilt By Association | Mineralize black with gold bronze pearl 
Antique gold and warm bronze sparkles in a smokey, black base.  I skipped this the first time around, because I didn’t feel like it was a must-have, but I’m digging it now.  The ratio of golden bronze pearl to black is higher than the other shades, so the black base isn’t as prominent.  It’s still quite sparkly, but the sparkles look more densely packed and uniform than the other shadows.  Mink & Sable (Starflash Collection) is a very, very close shade, but of course, it has no sparkles.  Golden Gaze (Semi-Precious Mineralize)  mineralize shadow is more of a brightened gold and less sparkly.

| Cinderfella | Mineralize black with silver pearl
Black.  Silver.  Sparkles.  What’s not to love?  This is everything I wish Black Tied eyeshadow was.  The black base seems darker and more glittery than my original Cinderfella.  Either way, I’m glad to see it back!  No dupes that I can think of.

| Blue Flame | Mineralize black with blue pearl 
Deep, vivid cobalt blue sparkles sparkles in a smokey, black base.  This is my favourite shade of blue, hands down.  Blue Sheen (Semi-Precious Mineralize)  mineralize shadow is a more intense blue, but of course, not as sparkly. She Who Dares (Venemous Villains) actually looks more sparkly, but it’s very, very slightly less smokey.

* Super sparkly and intensely smokey at the same time
* Good amount of product for the price, especially compared to the regular eyeshadows
* Easy to use wet or dry
* Applies very smoothly; no flakes
* Unique shadows; there’s only one MAC dupe that is truly comparable in colour and sparkle (She Who Dares)

* Slight fallout because of the sparkles

These all get the Brown Girl Friendly stamp of approval.  I am really pleased to see the colours and formula of these are very similar to when they originally launched.  I love that they are sparkly, fun, and girly, but not a tacky glitter bomb.  The smokey black base ties it all together for a more sophisticated, grown & sexy effect (well, as sophisticated as glitter can get!).  The shades are all well-pigmented and flattering on brown skin, depending on the kinds of colours you like, of course.  If you are into a smokey look with a bit of something extra,  then check these out. 🙂

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Rant: Lead in my Lipstick?!

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So, I heard about this lead and lipstick controversy a few days ago on the news.  The story was playing in the background, so I was only partially paying attention until they started naming very well known brands.  According to a survey by the FDA, many of our beloved, trusted, can’t live without it brands have certain amounts of lead in their lipsticks.  I mean… wow.

(Side: It would always weird me out when I’d see a film of “stuff” floating in my tea after I took a sip with lipstick or gloss on.  Lately, I’ve been completely wiping off my lips before I eat or drink anything, so now this lead thing has me even more paranoid.)

How could this be? Lead? In lipstick?? I was appalled when the reporter stated the FDA claimed that there are “suitable” amounts of lead allowed in lipstick since it’s not being consumed.  Uh…….. come again?? We consume and absorb this stuff ALL! DAY! LONG!  What about when we sip from a bottle or a cup?  When we bite into our food? Lick off that little bit of frosting from that cinnamon bun we didn’t just inhale?  If we supposedly don’t consume (or absorb) the product, where does the lipstick we put on disappear to during the day?  It certainly doesn’t evaporate….

I love this lip colour on her, though! (Source: Getty Images)

Here’s what gets me:  All of this lead/chemical/paraben/hexobutylenewhatsitcalled exposure adds up so quickly!  We reapply our products all day long.  We wear them every day.  We slather it on our bodies.  We paint it on our nails.  We massage it into our faces.  We spritz it on our necks.  We line it around our eyeballs.  We put it in our hair (okay, not me, but some of us! where my naturals at?)  Clearly, lipstick isn’t the only source of junk we’re exposed to in a regular day.   Even if it’s a minute amount of lead in each product, how many of these “lead-safe” products do we poison ourselves with use in a day?  Since it all accumulates, any trace of lead in anything is too much, as far as I’m concerned.  And this is JUST lipstick.  What about gloss?  Lip balm? Lip liners??  Le sigh.  Why do we have to potentially sacrifice our health just to look fly?  For a multi-billion dollar industry, these companies have a responsibility to its consumers to do better.  Period.

So, whose leadsticks made the list of shame? Everybody’s!  All your fave brands, from well-known to obscure, are on this here little hit list, and of course, so is MAC.  Such a huge disappointment, yes, but are we surprised by this list? No. (I mean, real talk, have you read any MAC ingredients lists lately? Yowzas.)

Anyway, I weeded out all 42 (!!!) of the MAC atrocities from the FDA’s Leadgate 2012 list after the jump. Smh.

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CHEN MAN Love and Water Colour Story

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Chen Man Love and Water (Source:

Chen Man Love and Water (Source:

Well, lookey lookey at what I found online today!  Promo pics from Chen Man!  If you don’t know anything about the 31 year old Chinese photographer, Chen Man, please, PLEASE google her stunning imagery!  She’s one of China’s most sought after fashion image creators.  Her work is unique and renowned for her photo-manipulation skills.


Release Date:  March 1, 2012* / March 2012 (International)

LIPSTICK | $14.50 US, $17.50  CAD | Limited Edition| 3g

| Force of Love | Vivid Honeysuckle Pink | Matte
| Budding Love | Pale Lavender |  Lustre

LIPGLASS | $14.50 US, $17.50  CAD | Limited Edition| 4.8g

| Force of Love | Vivid Honeysuckle Pink
| Budding Love | Pale Lavender

MINERALIZE EYE SHADOW DUO | $20 US, $24  CAD | Limited Edition| 2.2g

| Supersweet | Bronze, pink, gold mélange/Golden Pink
| Pink Union | Taupe, lavender, brown mélange/Dark Violet
Love Cycle | Light blue, white, dark blue mélange/Dark Royal Blue

PIGMENT | $20 US, $24  CAD | Permanent (MAC Pro, I think) | 4.5g

| Navy Blue | Deep Smokey Blue

GLITTER | $20 US, $24  CAD | Permanent (MAC Pro) | 4.5g

| Reflects Blue | Sparkling Blue

FLUIDLINE |  $15 US, $18  CAD | Permanent| 3g

| Blacktrack | Solid Flat Black
| Waveline | Navy blue With Low Level Gold Pearl

MASCARA  | $15 US, $18  CAD | Permanent | 9g

| Zoom Fast Black Lash | Intensely Rich Deep Carbon Black

BROW SET | $15 US, $18  CAD | Permanent | 8g

| Clear | Colour-free gel | Clear

BEAUTY POWDER | $23 US, $27.50  CAD | Limited Edition| 10g

| Play It Proper | Pastel Soft Pink With Sparkles | Pearl

MAC GLOSS | $19 US, $23 CAD | Permanent (MAC Pro) | 25mL

| Clear | Colour-free gloss | Clear

NAIL LACQUER | $15 US, $15  CAD | Limited Edition| 10mL

| Breezy Blue | Dark Blue
| Pinkly Fresh | Mid-tone Blue Pink

BRUSH | $19.50 US, $23.50  CAD | Permanent

| 208 Brush | Angled Brow Brush

What are you excited for?  I can’t wait for Reflects Teal glitterl! I’ve been wanting to get this glitter for years.  Pics after the jump!

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