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I got some feedback on my original Viva Glam Nicki post and decided to re-swatch this lipstick.  Looking at these new photos, the colours in the  original photos were definitely off.  Sawwy!  (Better lighting in the future, I promise)

I swatched Viva Glam Nicki again in lower lighting and layered it on a lot thicker to get more of the true shade.  I think I captured it much more true to life this time around.  With that said, you definitely still have to see this in person, because when you see it in the tube, it is a brighter, almost neon pink-coral in the tube itself.

FINAL WORD: I still stand by my original rating of this being BROWN GIRL FRIENDLY, but ONLY if it’s worn waaaaay more sheer for a soft pink look.  Layering it on like I did for this review? No bueno for Brown Girls at all.  To me, since this lipstick looks best when it’s not worn at full strength, is it really worth it to buy a lipstick only to dab it on?  In my humble opinion, no need to rush the stores for this one, unless you are going for a particular kind of look, you want to support MAC AIDS Fund, you’re a Nicki fan, or of course, if you just really, really like bright pink lipstick!

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Iris Apfel Lipsticks: Review, Swatches, Photos

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A colour collection inspired by a rare bird who has always been ahead of her time, Mrs. Iris Apfel. Subject of her own exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and larger-than-life star, Apfel boldly mixed flea market finds with haute couture decades before doing it was considered de rigueur. M·A·C presents Lipsticks, Beauty Powder and Eye Shadows with as much fabulous flair and joie de vivre as the woman who helped create it.



Release Date:  January 5, 2012

Okay, I’m extra behind on this one, but better late than never 🙂 It’s definitely worth the wait because these lipsticks are…………….. everything!  Bright, vibrant, long-lasting, pigmented… ah, the list goes on!  (I did not purchase Morange since it is a permanent lipstick.)

| FLAMINGOLight milky bright coral | Lustre | $14.50 US, $17.50 CAD | Limited Edition

Flamingo is a nice lipstick.  It’s a soft, sheer pink that’s an easy colour for anyone to wear.   It’s definitely not a “light milky bright coral” on my lips, but I love how it gives them a subtle touch of pink and slight sheen.  Because of the Lustre finish, I really had to layer it on to get any kind of noticeable colour pay-off.  I wish it lasted longer on the lips, but such is life with Lustres.

| PINK PIGEON | Bright cleanest pink | Matte | $14.50 US, $17.50 CAD | Limited Edition

Pink Pigeon is bright, opaque,  and fantastic.  It’s super pigmented blue-based fuschia pink.  I love that it’s as vibrant on my lips as it is in the tube.  This shade is definitely not for the wall-flowers.

| PARTY PARROT | Bright red-pink | Matte | $14.50 US, $17.50 CAD | Limited Edition

Party Parrot is a bright and very warm, strawberry pink on me.  This colour is perfect for summer.  It’s not as bold as Pink Pigeon, but it’s definitely a noticeable shade, especially if you want something slightly different from a red lip.

| SCARLET IBIS | Bright orange-red | Matte | $14.50 US, $17.50 CAD | Limited Edition

Scarlet Ibis is brrrright orange red, just like it promises.  It’s bold and daring.  I’ve never worn an orange red before this, but I’ve got to say, I’m feeling it.  I like this because on me, it’s more red than orange, but the orange undertone shines through.  MAC’s Lady Danger lipstick is incredibly similar, but slightly more orange.  Surprisingly, this lipstick is not as difficult to remove as Pink Pigeon or Party Parrot.  Go figure.


  • All shades apply very smoothly, though of course, the stiffer texture of the mattes don’t glide as nicely as the Lustre
  • Besides Flamingo, the colour pay-off is outstanding, colour-consistent, and very long lasting
  • The mattes are full coverage in 1-2 swipes


  • really had to layer Flamingo on to get any kind of noticeable colour pay-off
  • The drier finish of the mattes will show ALL kinds of texture in your lips, so definitely exfoliate your lips before wearing
  • The mattes are so long lasting that they took quite a bit of effort to get off
  • The mattes didn’t dry out my lips, but I definitely suggest using it with a primer like MAC’s Prep+Prime Lip for best results


Definitely Brown Girl Friendly!

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MAC Viva Glam REVIEW: Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin

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Viva Glam Nicki & Ricki
Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj in the M·A·C Viva Glam 2012 campaign shot by David LaChapelle. Every cent of Ricky and Nicki’s Viva Glam products, on-counter February 2012, goes to support the M·A·C AIDS Fund.


Release Date: February 15, 2012


Viva Glam Nicki

>>>>>>>>>> ***CLICK HERE FOR UPDATED SWATCHES*** <<<<<<<<<<

Well folks, it’s almost February and time for a new Viva Glam spokesperson (or two!). Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are the newest faces representing MAC’s Viva Glam line with two new (ish) products set to launch early February.  Swatches and reviews of this lipstick have already been popping up online, but not on any brown girls so far!  🙂

Viva Glam Nicki ($14.50 US, $17.50 CAD) is a lipstick, while Viva Glam Ricky ($15 US, $18 CAD) is a lip conditioner tube. Viva Glam Ricky is exactly the same as the permanent lip conditioner tube, except that the packaging bears Ricky’s signature in the same bright red writing as previous limited Viva Glam products. So, if you love lip conditioner, here’s your chance to donate to a great cause and keep your lips sexy.

So with that said, let’s talk about Viva Glam Nicki! This lipstick is a BRIGHT (almost neon) pinky-coral shade with a satin finish. As with most satin finishes, the color pay off is pretty decent with a slight sheen. Just like most light coloured lipsticks, it will definitely show texture. I exfoliated my lips three times and it still showed texture.

It goes on like butter! The application is super smooth which made it nice to put on. I wouldn’t say it’s a hydrating lipstick, but my lips did not feel dried out after wearing for a few hours. I got about 4 hours of wear out of it without eating or drinking.

Now, the colour….. it’s so pretty in the tube. I was expecting a more vibrant coral shade when applied, but on my bare lips, it shows up more as a lighter pink. Because it’s such a light shade on me, I would likely wear this lipstick with some kind of liner, or only apply one layer of it. This shade would be dope if I was going for a particular look, but it’s not a lipstick I’d think to grab on a regular day. With that said, I’ve seen it on much lighter skin/lips and it’s unreal! It’s a gorgeous, super-vibrant pinky-coral that’s been very flattering on everyone else I’ve seen it on so far. Now, I *love* a bold, bright lip, but on me, this particular shade is not my fave. It doesn’t show up on my lips with a rich enough colour for my liking, but I would still rock this lipstick once in a while.

FINAL WORD: When I only wear one layer, Viva Glam Nicki is a pretty and soft shade with no ashiness to be found! I rate this lipstick BrownGirlFriendly.

What do you think of it? Let me know in the Comments!

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Welcome to Brown Girl Friendly!!

So, once upon a time, I was tired of having to look ALL over the internet for a picture of a brown skinned girl in that new MAC lipstick or eyeshadow that just came out.  Yes, there were *so* many great blogs online with a ton of swatches, but not one of them could show me what the products would actually look like on my skin tone.  It was extremely difficult for me to find a blog with brown-skinned girls just like me giving consistent updates and thorough reviews on the cosmetics line that I use, MAC.

Funny enough, it was only after I started this blog did I start getting introduced to a network of beauty blogs for black women.  Had I found these blogs beforehand, I probably never would have made my own blog.  But, what’s done is done, and I’m here to stay and give my own 2 cents on the matter! lol

I’m pretty new to blogging, so bear with me!  My goal with Brown Girl Friendly is to have this blog become a swatch & review database for women of colour.  In the meantime, I’m going to try my best to make this blog as fantastic as I always dreamed something like this should be!  I hope you’ll join me on my mission! :)

Love & Light!

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