Fashion Sets: Nail Lacquer Review, Swatches, Photos

May 23, 2012 § 3 Comments

MAC Fashion Sets Nail Lacquers

Girl About Town, Rebel, Russian Red: the must-have lip shades for M∙A∙C fans from New York to LA to Toronto


Release Date: May 3, 2012 / May 2012 (International)
Available at MAC Cosmetics

I can’t wait for MAC to step it up and release some sexy, trendy nail polishes!  All of these creams they insist on releasing are boooooring!  (Can’t we just get one neon?? Just one?  A little bit of glitter?)  None of them stand out enough in the formula, colors, or technology when compared to other lacquers that are a fraction of the price.  Hmph…  Anyway, none of these lacquers from the Fashion Sets streaked for me, and all were opaque and super glossy in 2 coats, if not 1.

MAC Russian Red Nail Lacquer

Russian Red | Midtonal Neutral Red | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

Neutral.  Red.  Cream.  Polish. *blink* I just want to scream, “C’mon MAC!!! TRY HARDER!” Sigh.  There’s nothing wrong with this polish at all… it’s… just… a basic ol’ red… like every other basic red MAC has already released! Complete skip!  Nothing to see here, folks…

MAC Snob Nail Lacquer

Snob | Light Neutral Pink | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

Soft, neutral pink.  This had much more colour to it than I expected.  I thought it’d be more pale and delicate, but it’s quite vivid.  It’s a cute shade and is a good one to check out if you don’t have anything like it, but chances are that if you are a polish-holic like me, you own several… and they’re all by OPI. O_O

MAC Spice Nail Lacquer

Spice | Midtonal Neutral Nude | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I’d describe this is a neutral, dusty rosey-beige; translation: *yawn* On me, I found this shade very safe, and almost matronly.  I absolutely love the lipstick and the gloss, but this lacquer just didn’t do it for me.  I’m totally biased because I like bright polish, but this colour is what I think of when I imagine “old-lady” polish.

MAC Rebel Nail Lacquer

Rebel | Midtonal Cream Plum | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I love Rebel lipstick, and this lacquer didn’t disappoint.  It’s a deep, sultry currant shade.  Just like Chestnut, this is perfect for fall, but for summer? Not my cup of tea.  It looked great, though!

MAC Girl About Town Nail Lacquer

Girl About Town | Bright Blue Fuchsia | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I wish this was a little brighter and had more punch to it.  It’s a lovely shade, but I just wanted that extra umph from it to differentiate it from every other bright blue pink polish out there.  It’s very true to the lipstick, but you likely have something exactly like it in your collection.

**Sorry, my closeup pic of Myth didn’t turn out, and I don’t have this polish anymore.**

| Myth | Light Neutral Nude | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I didn’t think I’d like this polish, but it ended up being my fave out of the 7!  It’s a beautiful neutral, light cream color.  I love that it’s not too cold and not too warm.  It’s soft, pretty, classic, and appropriate for any occasion from work to weddings to weekends.  (It looks much darker in the swatch than it is in real life)

MAC Chestnut Nail Lacquer

Chestnut | Rich Chocolate Brown | Cream | $16 US, $19 CAD | Limited Edition | 10mL

I’d call this a deep dark neutral brown.  It’s not red or blue… just riiiight in the middle.  Personally, I think dark colors look drab against my brown skin, and Chestnut proved my point.  It’d be a nice backdrop to layer something else on top, but on it’s own, it didn’t do it for me at all.  And since when is dark brown a summertime nail shade?? What am I missing?

* I loved the concept behind the fashion sets, but besides Myth, nothing here wowed me.

* Price *blink blink*

I think many of these shades are Brown Girl Friendly since they’ll flatter a wide range of skintones.   I just didn’t find anything exceptional about these to warrant the price.  It’ll be a cute look to match your nails to your lips…. for like 2 days.  If you’re like me, it’ll get old real quick.

Available at MAC Cosmetics

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IN EXTRA DIMENSION: Skinfinish Highlighter Review, Swatches, Photos

April 18, 2012 § 24 Comments

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters

A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears 10 hours.


Release Date: April 5, 2012 / April 2012 (International) Available at MAC Cosmetics

| Whisper of Gilt | Light Soft White with Shimmery Sheen | $29 US, $34 CAD | Limited Edition | 9g

MAC Whisper of Gilt Skinfinish Highlighter

I’d describe this as a soft, white-gold sheen.  It’s light and bright, but the subtle goldness makes it warm enough so that it doesn’t look unnatural on the skin.  On my skin, because it’s such a light shade, it was a little too bright for my tastes.  I didn’t hate it on me, but I definitely prefer how this looks on fairer skin, especially if you have an NC skintone.

| Superb Soft Peach Nude with Multi-dimensional Shimmer | $29 US, $34 CAD | Limited Edition | 9g

MAC Superb Skinfinish Highlighter

I’d say this is a light, silvery sheen with a slightly pink cast to it for added warmth.  If you like Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish, then you will love Superb.  It has the same lovely reflective quality, but none of the glitter.  It’s all sheen baby!  I definitely think this will suit the most skin tones out of all 3 of these skinfinishes.  On me, it was far too silvery for my warm skin, and thus completely unflattering.  But I can see this being stunning on NC42/NW35 (maybe NW40) skintones and below. Call me crazy, but with a light application (“light” as in dab it on with your ring finger!), I think it could serve as a flattering highlight on deep cocoa  skin with blue undertones.

Glorify | Copper with Golden Shimmer | $29 US, $34 CAD | Limited Edition | 9g

MAC Glorify Skinfinish Highlighter

Before I begin, I’m reviewing this product as a “highlighter” which is how MAC describes it.

Thanks to the coppery undertone, this is a very warm, rich, golden shimmer.  I can’t quite call this a “sheen” because it seems slightly more sparkly looking on the skin than either Whisper of Gilt or Superb.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s a VERY subtle shimmer, but I still noticed it.  Think of this as  a glitter-free version of Gold Deposit Mineralize Skinfinish.  It definitely gives an amazing highlighted, shimmery effect to deeper brown skin in the NC50/NW45+ range.  Since it’s such a deep golden shade, if you are around the NC35-45/NW35-40, it will work beautifully as a glowy bronzer on you, instead of a highlight.  As a highlighter, I found it looked best when applied softly versus packing it on.

* Gives that sexy, glowy sheen without any distracting glitter or sparkle.

* The liquid-like texture is to die for.  It’s crazy silky which lets it glide on top of the skin with zero effort.

* Again, the creamy texture means no fallout.  Yes, please.  Though it can easily move along the skin for blending purposes, it still allows for precise placement on the face if you desire.

* Getting that perfectly highlighted effect requires very little product

* These can be used wet for a more intensified colour payoff

* I really loved the 3D product design!  I liked that the design and product name go hand in hand.

* This is not an overspray product (Marine Life Highlight powder, anyone?).  The color, texture, and sheen/shimmer are consistent all the way throughout the product.

* According to MAC, none of these are safe for the lip or eye area.

I really love that everybody can wear at least one of these products as a highlighter.  The range of shades means that there is something here for every skintone.  Because of this reason, no matter how light, dark, warm, or cool you are, these skinfinishes get my BrownGirlFriendly stamp of approval.  The texture is impeccable and since you only need a minuscule amount of product, you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Check them out in person if you can!

Available at MAC Cosmetics

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Making Faces: Super Smokey Eye & Nude Lip

April 17, 2012 § 6 Comments

Sorry, no source. Can't recall where I found this pic.

So, I don’t know who this gorgeous, stunning creature is (if you know her name, please tell me in the comments!!), but I’ve been obsessed with recreating this look since I first saw it.  I love the super-dramatic, over-the-top eye set against dewey, glowy skin, perfected with a soft and naturally nude lip.  Could it get any better? I think not.  I can’t wait to try this look again and make it even better.

Pics and products after the jump! Let me know what you think. 🙂

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SWATCH WATCH: MAC Pink Popcorn Lipstick Comparisons

April 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

MAC Lipsticks: Budding Love, Pink Popcorn, Up The Amp, Dish it Up

In case you were wondering how Pink Popcorn stacked up against other similar lavender/purple lipsticks, here are some quick comparisons.

As usual, the brown skin swatches are after the jump 🙂

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SWATCH WATCH: MAC Heroine Lipstick Dupe

April 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

MAC Violetta & Heroine Lipsticks

Did you miss out on Heroine? Don’t fret.  Heroine is AWESOME, but it’s very very similar to Violetta.  Of course Violetta is shiny unlike Heroine, but it’s nothing a little Matte Mixing Medium from MAC can’t fix.  Oh, and the best part…Violetta is permanent at MAC Pro.

Brown skin swatches after the jump!

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SWATCH WATCH: MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick Dupe

April 7, 2012 § 9 Comments

MAC Reel Sexy & Gotta Dash Lipsticks

Hey Everyone!

So, as I’m sure you know, Reel Sexy lipstick sold out online in minutes.  If you were one of the many that didn’t snag this lipstick, I have a ridiculously similar alternative for you… and it’s permanent! *drumrolll*  Gotta Dash Sheen Supreme lipstick.

Brown skin swatches after the jump!

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TRES CHEEK: Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

April 5, 2012 § 7 Comments

MAC Tres Cheek Blushes

Blush as vibrantly, softly, or hip as you dare in shades that reflect your mood, style and skin tone. Six new limited edition Blush Powders in red-orange, peach, pink and lavender that are seamlessly sheer, and stay as bright on the skin as they are in palette.


Release Date: April 5, 2012 / April 2012 (International)
Available at MAC Cosmetics

Sigh.  This collection really hurt my feelings.  Such high hopes.  Such immense disappointment.  These blushes are beautiful and everything I’d hoped for…. on lighter skin!  On my NW45/47 cheeks?  No such luck.   All applied smoothly, but lacked the necessary pigmentation needed to show up on my cheeks.

MAC Modern Mandarin Blush

Modern Mandarin | Red-orange | Satin | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 6g

I’d describe this as a warm, vibrant tangerine.  I had *suuuuuch* high hopes for Modern Mandarin.  I’ve been daydreaming about this blush for so long.  I imagined this beautifully pigmented, earthy orange warming up my cheeks.  Well, I guess I’ll have to keep looking.  😥 It showed up on my forearm (which is lighter than my face), but on my cheeks, it didn’t have any of that orange lovliness I’d dreamt about. It just looked like… “sheen”.. almost frosty, even.  Actually, this was quite frosty on me.  The more I added (in hopes of more orange), the “frostier” it became and then started to turn more pink.  Very disappointing.  However, if you have NC45/NW42 skin and below, I think you will have more luck.  It’s a beautiful tangerine on NC 25 skin.  It’s very vibrant on fairer skin, so a little does go a long way.  Devil is much more vibrant.

MAC Immortal Flower Blush

| Immortal Flower Bright Peach | Satin | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 6g

Soft, light peach.  Well, shocker.  This was even less visible than Modern Mandarin on my cheeks, but without the frostiness.  It looked matte (and dusty….) on my skin, even though it is a satin.  I think NC42/NW40 and below will like this.  Peaches is more saturated.  Fresh Honey is slightly lighter.

MAC Lovecloud Blush

| Lovecloud | Bright Mid-tone Pink | Satin | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 6g

The description says pink, but I’d say this is a pinky-peach shade.  It has very slight orange tones to it that make it look more peach.  Very pretty shade, but as with the rest, I wish it was more pigmented.  It had a slightly sheeny finish on my skin.  NC45/NW43 and below will have better luck with this shade.    Pinch Me is a deeper, more pigmented alternative.

MAC Full of Joy Blush

| Full of Joy | Lavender | Frost | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 6g

Soft lavender with subtle hints of pink, and very visible frost.  My initial thoughts, “Lavender? Frost…?  On my cheeks?  Yikes.”  It wasn’t as terrible as I expected, but it was silvery with a hint of lavender, and thus, completely unflattering on me.  Some brown girls may use it as a highlight, but it’s far too cool and too frosty for my warm skin.  If your skin is very deep with blue undertones (think Alek Wek), then maybe this would be a suitable highlight if used in moderation.  With that said, it’s LOVELY on fair skin.  I love that it’s a completely unique shade for MAC blushes.  I’d say this is the blush equivalent of Budding Love.  Hmmmm, I think NC35 (maybe NC40)/NW35 might be able to rock this one as a blush.   Coygirl would be the most similar shade, but it’s not nearly as lavender, it’s not a frost,  and it’s also being discontinued :-\

MAC Peony Petal Blush

| Peony Petal | Bright Blue Pink | Satin | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 6g

I’d describe this as a light, bright blue-pink.  This is the only blush out of the 6 that gave me any kind of visible colour besides “ash”.  I realy had to layer it on for the colour to come through.  It was very light, but at least I could see something.  However with that said, it’s a cute shade, but not unique to MAC.  It had slight hints of sheen, but looked more matte on me.  Dollymix is not as blue.

MAC Pink Tea Blush

| Pink Tea | Neutral Beiged Pink | Satin | $20 US, $24 CAD | Limited Edition | 6g

This is a very neutral beige shade with a barely there bit of pink.  This also looked matte on my skin instead of satin.  I think this would definitely suit the NC35 (maybe even NC40?)/NW35 women of the world, especially those that are even fairer.  It’s lighter and softer than Pink Cult.

* um…… “A” for Effort, I suppose.  Okay, okay.  The blushes all applied well, and the colour range is on-trend and very appropriate for spring & summer.

* 5 of these are described as “satin,” bur only 2 of those 5 had a visibly “satin” finish on my skin
* These shades were very disappointing in terms of pigmentation for darker skin like mine.  They all came up quite light and none of them did much for my adding anything to my complexion. 😦

Sad to say, but in my humblest of humble opinions, if you have dark brown skin like moi, these blushes are a Brown Girl Failure in terms of pigmentation and adding any real, natural-looking warmth to the skin.  I really believe that the fairer your skin is, the better this collection will suit you.  But, don’t let this review sway you too much.  Pop into a MAC store and try them out to see for yourself 🙂

Available at MAC Cosmetics

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